Frequently Asked Questions

I do good things with my business. Does that make my business a social enterprise?

To be a social enterprise the government of Ontario requires that:

  • The organization derives a substantial portion of its income through the sale of goods and services.
  • The organization intends to create a social or environmental impact through its business activities. The impact is intentional and not merely a by-product of business operations.
  • The organization measures and reports on its social, cultural and/or environmental impact.
  • The organization has a blended business model, with social impact as a defining element of its business model. The social and/or environmental impact of the social enterprise grows in lockstep with its business growth.
My organization is incorporated federally, and we have a branch in Ontario. Are we eligible for the Fund?

Yes, if you currently provide services in Ontario and can provide an Ontario address.

What is an eligible expense?

Please see the Program Guidelines for eligible expenses.

Can I suggest my own service provider?

Yes, if you feel a service provider not listed on our pre-approved list would be better suited to provide services please explain who and why in your Capacity Building or Catalytic Grant applications. (Note: the assessment report can only be provided by an Assessment Partner)

I forgot my portal password. What do I do?

Go to the Homepage of the site. Underneath the Sign In section, click Forgot your password?

What are the grant application deadlines?

Please find the deadlines details in the Program Guidelines program guidelines.

When can I expect a result?

You should receive the result of your application within 4-6 weeks of submitting.

Where can I find the program guidelines?

Download the Program Guidelines here.

I want to be a service provider on the pre-approved list, how do I apply?

For enquiries on how to become a pre-approved service provider with the Readiness Fund please contact us with the subject line “service provider”.  Please see the eligibility criteria for service providers.

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