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Eligible PIRF Service Providers must


Proven Track Record

Demonstrate a proven track record of service provision, ideally with social enterprises and/or community-based organizations.


Offer a range of different services

Publish Pricing

Submit, publish and adhere to pricing schedules

Operate in Ontario

Be a registered business or are incorporated as for-profit corporations, co-operatives or non-profit corporations. (Must be operating in the Province of Ontario) 

Transfer-of-Knowledge approach

Be committed to a transfer-of-knowledge capacity building approach whereby clients’ capacity and new knowledge is significantly increased through the service provided.


For enquiries on how to become a pre-approved service provider with the Fund please contact us with the subject line “service provider”.


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Mailing address: 
PIRF - CCEDNET, 223 Main, St. Saint Paul University,
Mauril-Bélanger Social Innovation Atelier
Ottawa ON K1S 1C4

Telephone: 1-844-404-7437

Email:  info@readinessfund.ca

Hours: 9am - 4pm (Monday to Friday)

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